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About ASA International

Adhesive Manufacturing Of Unmatched Quality

A trusted name in the Adhesive Production industry of Pakistan. ASA International produces Adhesives for Quadri Group. We are the sole supplier of business adhesives to Quadri Group.

ASA International is an Adhesive Production company that produces bonding and sealing material. ASA International produces Adhesives for the footwear, leather, and lamination industry. We create smart and innovative Adhesives for these industries that are more sustainable, durable, and eco-friendly. With hundreds of employees and millions in sales, ASA International has assured its quality and strength in the industry.

ASA International produces high-quality Adhesives for Leather, Footwear, and Lamination Industries of Quadri group. Our products are qualified to meet any global standard as they are produced under the guidelines of industry regulators and quality control authorities. With assured quality and strength, ASA International is a world-class adhesive producer.

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ASA International Providing Adhesives For Everyone

ASA International is providing water and solvent-based Adhesives for numerous industries of Quadri Group. ASA International provides high-quality, durable Adhesives that can be used by other industries as we meet global standards in providing extra strength and durability.

Operational Excellence

ASA International claims to be among very few industries in Pakistan that have based its Adhesive production on research, innovation, and eco-friendly standards. With years of operational excellence in the Adhesive industry and production of water and solvent-based Adhesives, ASA International is successful in leaving a footprint in the Adhesive Industry as a pioneer of world-class standards. 

Innovative Adhesive Packaging

The delivery of Adhesives and their application is fairly a complex task. ASA International being a torch bearer for the innovative Adhesive industry makes sure that our packages meet the mark to be the best in packaging and application. Our packaging is cost-effective, increases operational efficiency, and does not harm the applicant when exposed to skin. ASA International makes sure that as our products are designed to provide additional strength and durability our packaging must provide ease in mobility and application.

Durable Goods

ASA International produces durable Adhesive products for Quadri Group. The durability of our goods is trusted with the quality and strength of our business Adhesives. With our footprint in four major industries, ASA International makes sure the strength and durability of our products are never compromised. The Adhesives that we produce for Quadri Group are used as a major component for their industries, ASA International always fulfills the required quality and commits to the durability we promised.

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It’s been years, ASA International has been serving Quadri Group which is one of the largest companies in Pakistan. With us, you can rest assured of the following:

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