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Emigration: Choice in favor of a crane

Most of us can recall the events that have become rotary for a career or personal life. And each such a fork, the situation of choice is not easy. The voice in my head annoyingly convinces that we cannot, we will not cope. But sometimes you just need to try.

It was not clear to me why Oleg did not dare. The guy who for his 28 years only saw that cufflinks and mockery of his unattractive appearance, the plight of his family, the bizarns of a mentally unstable mother … This guy sits opposite me and crumbles his cheesecake with a fork. His movements irritate me, the body does not lie: exactly the same thing happens in Oleg’s head. He decides whether to go to America or not.

Oleg is my long -standing friend from a computer mug, where I went at 11 years old. The computers were small, yellowish plastic from which they were made – dusty, and on pot -bellied screens the size of a slightly larger palm, shuddering, either crooked houses or flowers loomed. And we wrote programs in Logo and Basic languages, so that these scribbles appeared on pot -bellied screens.

It was in this in the early 1990s something from magic. I remember that I was distracted, and one malicious boy wrote in my for a minute the program left unattended, which was the “most terrible spell”, something like “Avada Cedar” from the saga about Harry Potter. Returning to the computer and realizing what happened, the only girl in the group desperately wrapped. The eight -year -old incredibly smart bespectacle Oleg came up and fixed everything. After that, we began to ride with him on the same bus.

I sent Oleg to therapy, but the process went slowly: my friend did not believe that his affairs could go differently

The difference in the age of three at first gave me a lot of advantages and the “head start” of life wisdom. Time was erasing this difference, but redlion casino I still continued to relate to Oleg from the tops of the seniority. Over the 20 years of our half-drill, Oleg became a 28-year-old man in a stretched sweater, with uneven bristles and a mass of complexes. I was his complete opposite: too bold, self -confident, decisive, and also a psychologist.

Of course, I sent Oleg to therapy, choosing an excellent specialist, but the process went slowly and almost pointless: my friend did not believe that his affairs could go differently. Oleg’s indecision that day especially infuriated me: he was offered a grant in America. One computer giant read his negative reviews about the product, found comments shiny, and the arrogant tone left no doubt that he wrote comments a brilliant and confident engineer.

If they knew how this truly ingenious engineer was torn, he did not sleep, drank tranquilizers when the project was set. Each of his project was brilliant, impeccable. But Oleg’s intelligent authorities found what to blame him for, so that he continued to work there, in the semi-basement, and did not dare to think somewhere.

The proposal acted in Oleg in a strange way. He behaved as if he were attacked from all sides by the hordes of ants. There was a lot of money at stake – these are all the advantages that Oleg saw. And he also saw the impossibility of losing his basement, because no one else will take such a way like him ..

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