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Industries We Serve

ASA International generally deals in four different product categories. Under each of the categories, we produce various types of Adhesives. All of these products are supplied to Quadri Group to be used in their industries.

We produce two types of Adhesives: water and solvent-based. Each of the types is designed differently to provide extra bonding and strength to the purpose it is used for.

Footwear And Leather Industry

Footwear and leather industry Adhesives are the major products that we produce for Quadri Group. This product category is solvent-based Adhesives. The leather and footwear industry requires a massive quantity of adhesives in its manufacturing process. Various types of adhesives are used in different product categories to provide extra strength and support to their products.

In our Footwear and Leather Industry Adhesive Category we produce the following types of Adhesives.

Contact Adhesives | Graft Adhesives | Polyurethane Adhesives | Natural Rubber Solutions | Primers and Hardeners

Furniture Woodworking And Assemble Industry

Furniture and Assembly industry Adhesives are another major part of our production. The furniture and woodworking industry requires a different type of adhesive that can provide extra strength to the bond on wood without damaging the texture and look of the wood. ASA International has multiple products for the furniture and woodworking industry to fulfill the demand of Quadri Group.

Besides the Furniture and Woodworking industry, ASA International produces Adhesives for the Assembly industry. The Assembly Industry requires strong and durable Adhesives to assemble numerous components together.

ASA International produces the following Adhesives for the furniture, woodworking, and assembly industry.

Contact Adhesives | Spray Adhesives | Eva Emulation | Moisture Curing Adhesives | Epoxy | Super fix & Mukka | QG-100 Series

Lamination Adhesives (Water-based)

ASA International produces water-based lamination adhesives for the Quadri group. Lamination adhesives are used to provide extra bonding and strength to the lamination pasted upon various wooden or metallic bodies. We make sure that our product performs well on all kinds of surfaces it is used for. Under this category, ASA International only produces a single product named lamination adhesive. 

Footwear And Leather Industry (Water-based)

ASA International produces water-based adhesives for the footwear and leather industry. water-based adhesives are produced using water content, polymers, additives, and other components. These adhesives become active when water content evaporates from them. To bring diversity to our product category and fulfill the demand from Quadri Group ASA International produces water-based Adhesives for the footwear and leather industry.

Contact Adhesives | PU Adhesives | Hardeners